Returning to the World from the Crazy Land of Addiction

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The angry red face is there because it is the face of addiction, of a person so isolated from reality that he or she does not know any other way of being. This is what the crazy land of addiction is like. I know, because I spent twelve long years of my life living there. It broke up my marriage and the family I had with a loving wife and four small children. The world that I traded it for seemed adventuresome (and it was). It was also irresponsible and out of control. It wasn’t until early March, 1979 that I realized that if I didn’t quit drinking, I would lose my life. That was 35 years ago. Life has been unbelievably better since then, one day at a time. Following is the Introduction to the book I will publish either later this year or early in 2015. Mostly finished…

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