Writers on writing (Patricia Borlenghi)

It’s always refreshing to read a writer speaking honestly and candidly about her own approach to writing, and Patricia Borlenghi does just this. She makes no excuses when she states that her novels are not plot-driven and I immediately felt a bond when she referred to the abundance of coincidences in her own life. For me, this is captured by the concept of synchronicity: different but interconnected events happening at the same time but for no reason or…

Borlenghi openly resists the ‘show don’t tell’ principle, rammed down people’s throats on Creative Writing courses. Sometimes, yes, this advice may be precisely what the writing needs but any formula purporting that one size fits all negates the incessantly experimental process of creativity.

There’s a real integrity about Borlenghi’s statement that ‘I am interested in politics, philosophy and moral dilemmas. I write the way I do to convey my opinions, possibly to the detriment of characterisation. Some characters may be ciphers rather than real people.’

Writing doesn’t conform to rules, as eveidenced by James Joyce, Cervantes, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Italo Calvino. For me, what makes compelling writing is the writer’s commitment to the world they’re expressing and their commitment to conveying this world to the reader in the most ‘truthful’ way possible.

Patricia Borlenghi discusses her experiences of writing below:

Patricia Borlenghi Interview

And a link to her novel:


Product Details


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