December morning

Soon I’ll have lived in Malta for 5 years so time to take stock. I’ve done a lot of acting and went back to some directing last year. My most important achievement was writing Duende (Night Publishing, 2011) and if I hadn’t moved to Malta and spent a surreal time in Madrid in 2009, I’d never have found that novel.

I want to keep this blog to write a little about my ongoing writing process – a new novel called Love at the end without dawn. The title comes from a beautiful poem by Federico Garcia Lorca whose work is…no words to describe it.

But whereas Duende was a gush-guddle of a write, the second novel is much harder (yes, I know, I know, all writers say the same!). I used to run home to write Duende, cancel social arrangements (which became fewer the more time went on and I kept cancelling!). Every hour of every day was spent on thinking about the novel while the one I’m working on now…

This blog’s designed to encourage me to keep writing in whatever format and in whatever way. Your comments and encouragement would be more than welcome!



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